Applying for an interim supplement paid to unemployed construction workers prior to retirement

The application for an interim supplement including the start and end of payments, must be submitted to BUAK by the employee at least two months before the start of payments. The employee may request the relevant application form from BUAK provided they fulfil all the criteria.
Applications are accepted no more than six months in advance, as the legal conditions can change over time.
In cooperation with the pension insurance institution [Pensionsversicherungsanstalt] (PVA), BUAK then verifies that the employee meets all of the necessary requirements (this verification process is mandatory!).
Awarding of interim supplement
As of 1 January 2017: if the application is approved, the applicant’s employment contract subject to BUAG ends through termination by the employee, one day before the start of interim supplement payments, provided that the employment contract has not already been terminated at an earlier time.
All severance pay entitlements remain unchanged. The applicant’s employer, subject to BUAG, is therefore informed in writing of the awarding of the interim supplement and the start of payments.
Employees who are bound by an employment contract not subject to BUAG at the time of their application must terminate their employment contract on time.
The employee must then be informed in writing of the awarding of the interim supplement. 
In addition to the information about the interim supplement, this written notification contains:
  • Interim settlement option
  • Amount of the interim settlement (if the employee pushes the start of interim supplement payments back by a month or the requested payment period for up to 18 months)
  • Suspension conditions or conditions that result in the loss of the interim supplement
After a positive outcome of the application review, BUAK pays the net amount to the employee each month on the first day of the following month using the account details provided via bank confirmation.
If this day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, BUAK must make the interim supplement payment in time for the recipient to have access to the interim supplement payment on the business day preceding this day. 



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