Claim requirements for interim supplement paid to unemployed construction workers prior to retirement

The interim supplement is available to any employee who:
  • is no longer in an employment contract upon reaching the age of 58,
  • is entitled to a retirement pension (old-age, corridor or heavy-labour pension) following receipt of the interim supplement,
  • has acquired at least 520 weeks of employment upon reaching the age of 40 in one/several employment contract(s) subject to BUAG and
  • has completed at least 30 weeks of employment in one or more employment contracts subject to BUAG after the age of 56.
  • From 1 January 2017: presents evidence of at least 10 hours/units of at least 45 minutes of REHAB measures.
Suspension or loss of the interim supplement entitlement
The interim supplement is suspended
  • in calendar months in which the worker is employed under an employment contract subject to BUAG,
  • in calendar months in which the worker receives income from other employment (whether paid employment or self-employment) which exceeds the marginal earnings threshold,
  • while the worker is in receipt of holiday pay or compensation for unused annual leave.
The total duration of the interim supplement payments remains the same in the case of suspension. The time of the last payment is not changed in this case.
The interim supplement is stopped in the event of the recipient’s retirement or death.
Recipients of the interim supplement who earn employment income, and who know or should have known that they were not registered for social security, lose their entitlement to the interim supplement. In this case, BUAK can demand the reimbursement of any interim supplement payments that have already been made.


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