Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee consists of three employer representatives nominated by the Austrian Economic Chamber and three employee representatives nominated by the Federal Chamber of Labour.

The Supervisory Committee supervises the budgets for the different areas. All business and accounting documents required for the exercise of the supervisory function, and all necessary reports must be presented upon request to the Supervisory Committee. It can request an official review of any given budget by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour.

Arbeitnehmer - Vertretung
VOTAVA Karl, Vorsitzender, Zentralbetriebsratsvorsitzender der Fa. Leyrer-Graf
SAMBS Christian
SCHMID Sonja, Mag.a., Sekretärin der GBH

Arbeitgeber - Vertretung
SCHWARZ Heide, Mag., MBA, Vorsitzende
HÖLLER Andreas Friedo Armin, BiM, LIM-Stv., KmzlR, Hafnermeister

LEHNER Günther, DI, Baumeister


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