Since 1 January 2014, use of the eBUAK portal applications for companies subject to BUAG is required by law (§ 10 (1) BSchEG, § 22 (6) and § 33g (5) of BUAG).

To make it as easy as possible for both companies and BUAK to fulfil this requirement, portal accounts are created automatically for companies subject to BUAG and their known, professionally authorised representatives.

eBUAK Portal

The eBUAK portal is available for the communication of bad weather reports, holiday remuneration submissions, supplement reports, supplement payments by employers, and construction site reports, and to view your account information.


Have you not received a username and password for the eBUAK portal?
Newly formed companies subject to BUAG, as well as newly registered and professionally authorised representatives (lawyers, qualified professionals as per the Professional Accountants and Tax Advisors Act [Wirtschaftstreuhandberufsgesetz], accountancy professions), will receive portal log-in details by post once they have registered for the eBUAK portal and provided all the necessary information.
New companies are automatically added to existing portal accounts held by representatives on receipt of power of attorney.

Keeping your eBUAK portal log-in data
For companies that make use of professionally authorised representatives with regard to eBUAK transactions, it is not necessary to log in to the eBUAK portal to submit their own reports. In this case, please keep your log-in data in a safe place in case you would like to make use of them later.

Questions on the eBUAK portal?
For questions related to portal access, please send a mail to it-dienstleistungen@buak.at. If you have any questions or encounter problems related to individual portal applications, please contact an employee of the Corporate Customer Service or regional office.

Authorisation concept
The eBUAK portal’s authorisation concepts enables administrators to issue specific access rights for individual applications. It allows the respective administrator to grant individual employees access only to selected BUAK applications.
For example, a project coordinator might only receive access rights for “Construction site reports”, while an employee from Human Resources might only receive rights for “Reporting list submission” or “Holiday remuneration settlement”.

To restrict existing rights, administrators can use the application to “Authorisation allocation for BUAK applications” under the “Customer administration” tab at the portal. A help document that explains the individual steps to be taken is provided in the application.


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