Initial registration

To register your company, we will need:

  • Company data sheet including entry list
  • Business licence
  • Excerpt from the commercial register
  • Registration form of the company owner or managing director under commercial law
  • Tax advisor’s power of attorney (if tax advisor has been authorised to act on company’s behalf)
  • Municipality code: The municipal tax payment is transferred to the company’s governing municipality; to do this, BUAK requires the five-digit municipality code for your company’s location.

Other required data which must be supported with copies:

  • Employer’s contribution account number(s), including social security institution: Social security contributions calculated for the direct settlement of holiday remuneration are transferred exclusively to the contribution account(s) registered with BUAK.
  • Employer number: each company (GmbH, individual company, etc.) has a unique Austria-wide nine-digit employer number issued by the social security institution.
  • Tax authority number or tax number: the employer contribution and employer supplement are paid to the tax authority responsible for the employer. To ensure correct results, BUAK requires the two-digit tax authority number including the seven-digit tax number.
  • VAT ID number: The value added tax identification number [Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer; UID-Nummer] is a special tax number which distinguishes your company from others and which is assigned to companies when the tax number is issued by the responsible tax authority.
  • Levies account number: Your levies account is tied to your name and your tax number, and is used for all payment procedures e.g. for VAT, income and corporate taxes, etc.

Contribution account numbers, municipality code and tax authority or tax number can also be communicated by email to ue@buak.at, no later than the first submission of holidays. Please be sure to specify your company code [Betriebskennzeichen] (BKZ) in the mail.

Account information

Please submit the documents to Corporate Customer Service or your regional office. After registration, you will be issued a company code [Betriebskennzeichen] (BKZ), and the initial supplement payment will be determined.

Please inform us immediately of any changes to company information.



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