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Leave entitlement

The leave entitlement is awarded to the extent of the entitlements for which the company pays the calculated supplements to BUAK. Holiday remuneration shall be paid by BUAK directly to employees. This applies to leave taken during a posting, or within a period of six months after the end of employment in Austria, if the employment contract with the posting company is still in place.

In general, the principle of aggregating entitlements applies here, i.e.: leave entitlements already earned and not yet paid are aggregated with new leave entitlements arising from a new posting/temporary cross-border employment.

Holiday remuneration is only paid by BUAK if the company first initiates the process by submitting the form “Submission for holiday remuneration claims pursuant to § 33f BUAG” to BUAK. Submissions for holiday remuneration may only be made for holidays taken no earlier than the month before and no later than the month after the submission.

Example: Submissions for holiday compensation made in February must relate to holidays taken in January, February or March. A submission for planned holidays in April is not yet possible at this time.

If the leave was not fully taken during the posting period or within the following six months, employees are entitled to compensation under the following conditions:

  • There has been no employment contract subject to BUAG for at least six months.
  • The entitlement must be claimed from BUAK by the employee.

The necessary forms for submitting a claim for holiday remuneration or compensation are available for download. Also available for download is the “Bank account information for posted workers” form, which is used to inform BUAK of the employee’s bank account information. If BUAK does not have this bank account information, no entitlement payments can be made.


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