Bad weather compensation (BWC) claim

Claim requirements
If certain requirements are met, companies that fall under the scope of application of § 1 (1) of the 1957  Bad Weather Compensation for Construction Workers Act [Bauarbeiter-Schlechtwetterentschädigungsgesetz] (BSchEG) can seek bad weather compensation from BUAK.

Submission requirements

  • Atmospheric effects with an adverse impact on work (rain, snow, freezing temperatures and heat) are so strong or so sustained that work cannot be started or continued, or workers cannot reasonably be expected to start or continue work, or

  • the consequences of these atmospheric effects with an adverse impact on work interfere with work to such an extent that starting or continuing work is technically impossible or cannot reasonably be expected of the workers.

More information about bad weather criteria is available here.

Decision to stop work
After consultation with the works council, the company alone decides whether work should be stopped, continued or resumed (see § 5 (1) BSchEG).

Alternative work
Workers are obliged to perform other reasonable work within the company (with no reduction in pay). By order of the company, workers must remain on site for 3 hours in case weather conditions improve. Appropriate shelter must be available, however (see § 5 (2) BSchEG).

The amount that can be claimed for bad weather compensation is set at different levels for the summer and winter periods:

Summer period: 1 May to 31 October

For all work sites: 120 hours

Winter period: 1 November to 30 April

For all work sites: 200 hours


Hours which are not used during the summer period are carried over to the subsequent winter season for the awarding of bad weather compensation.



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