Bad weather compensation (BWC) submission

The company may claim a refund from BUAK for bad weather compensation which it has paid (60% of actual page).

  • The application for a refund of the amounts paid in a given settlement period can be submitted within three months of the end of the settlement period.
  • The reimbursement is paid to the company after BUAK reviews the request (weather criteria).
  • The company receives the refund amount plus a 30% lump sum (as compensation for the social security contributions paid during the period when work was interrupted).

If the applications contain incorrect information, requests for correction are sent to the company. Additional information can be noted on the request for correction, e.g. the type of activities that could not be carried out.

If, despite these comments or more detailed explanations, the request is not settled due to weather conditions, the company receives a corresponding notice of refusal, including a report with raw weather data for that day.

Submissions for bad weather hours can be made through the eBUAK Portal Bad Weather’ application.

Submission via direct data transfer
It is also possible to submit bad weather requests via XML direct data transfer.



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