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In Austria, workers are entitled to paid leave for secondment periods. For the duration of the assignment, they have the same entitlement as comparable workers in Austria.

A leave claim is based on the extent to which the company submits the calculated wage supplements to BUAK. BUAK pays the leave remuneration directly to the workers. This is applicable to leave taken during the secondment or within a period of six months after termination of work in Austria, subject to the employment relationship with the seconding company remaining intact.

In principle, the right of accumulation of the entitlements shall be applicable; this means: If the workers within these six months once again have an employment relationship as defined under BUAG, the claims against BUAK for leave remuneration are added up.

BUAK shall only pay out leave remuneration if the employer has initiated such payment with BUAK beforehand, using the form "Application for leave remuneration claims pursuant to § 33f BUAG”. Leave remuneration can only be applied for leave taken earliest in the month before and latest in the month after the application.
Example: During February, leave remuneration can only be applied for January, February or March. Application for leave planned for April is not possible at this point in time.

If the leave was not taken in full during the secondment or within six months thereafter, the workers shall have a claim for compensation subject to the following conditions:

  • No employment relationship subject to BUAG has been in force for at least six months.
  • The claim must be asserted with BUAK by the worker personally.

The forms required for application for leave remuneration or compensation can be downloaded.

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