Interim settlement

If, despite fulfilling all of the requirements, the employee decides not to claim the interim supplement paid to unemployed construction workers prior to retirement and continues working in an employment contract subject to BUAG, they can apply for an interim settlement.
The employee can submit their application within six months after starting to receive their old-age, corridor or heavy-labour pension. For the employee, the settlement amounts to 50% of the interim supplement to which they are otherwise entitled, and 30% for the employer.

To claim the interim settlement, a separate application must be submitted within six months after the employee starts receiving pension payments (old age, manual labour or “corridor pension”). When an application is made by the employee or by the employer, the other party’s claim to an interim settlement is also verified. An interim settlement will be considered at the time the next supplement payment is due.

Please note that if BUAK is not notified of a postponement of interim allowance payments in time (at least three working days before the end of the original payment period), the interim settlement is reduced by 5 percentage points for both the employee and the employer.
The interim settlement can be claimed for/by workers born in or after 1957.


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