Amount and duration of interim supplement paid to unemployed construction workers prior to retirement

The monthly interim supplement shall amount to 169.5 times the predominant classification of the hourly wage agreed upon in the collective bargaining agreement over the last 52 weeks prior to the termination of the employment contract. Wage increases agreed to in the collective agreement are taken into account. For part-time workers, the amount is calculated on a proportional basis; periods of employment after the age of 40 are taken into account.
Example for a full-time labourer in the main building trades, with a predominant hourly wage as per collective agreement (CA wage) of €11.61:
€11.61 x 169.5 = €1,967.90 monthly gross amount
The interim supplement must be kept equal to a payment from an employment contract not subject to BUAG. For the period when the interim supplement is being paid, BUAK practically assumes the role of the employer and pays all levies including employee contributions to the responsible recipients.
The interim supplement can be paid twelve times a year (no special payments) for a period of no more than eighteen months.
Postponement of the start of interim supplement payments
After the interim supplement is awarded, the employee may decide together with the employer to postpone the start of interim supplement payments.
In this case, the employer must inform BUAK of the postponement at least three working days before the original start of interim supplement payments.
Please note that if BUAK is not informed in time, the amount of the interim settlement for the employee and the employer will each be reduced by 5 percentage points.


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