Amount of compensation entitlement

The employee receives the compensation entitlement to winter holiday compensation either

  • together with their severance pay
  • automatically on 15 March following the winter holidays, provided that the account information is registered with BUAK.

Please note that there is no pension with the payments for the duration of the insurance period. The receipt of unemployment benefits is not affected, however.

Calculation of compensation:

For each day of the winter holidays, the entitlement is calculated as follows:

CV wage + 20% x weekly hours = gross winter holiday compensation

Gross winter holiday compensation

minus 30% to AMS (payment of unemployment benefits continues)

minus 18.2% social security contribution (for current payments) – depends on contribution 

minus 22% income tax (if settled through BUAK)

Net winter holiday compensation

Amount of compensation

Only if there was no employment during the winter holidays (holiday compensation is not counted as employment in this case) is there an entitlement of the amount specified below, provided that the qualifying weeks were earned at a company that is subject to the winter holiday provision:

for 14 to 19 qualifying weeks, the employee receives 50% of the winter holiday compensation,

for 20 to 25 qualifying weeks, they receive 75% of the winter holiday compensation,

and from 26 qualifying weeks or more, the employee receives 100% of the winter holiday compensation.

Expiry of compensation

The entitlement to winter holiday compensation shall expire within three years of the date of payment.


Winter holiday entitlements 2016/2017 (days in December 2015, days in January 2016)

Payments: 15 March 2017

Expires on: 15 March 2020


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