Employee application for statutory severance pay

After fulfilling the requirements pursuant to § 13b and § 13c, the employee has a claim to severance pay if, for at least twelve months since the end of the previous employment contract, they have not been bound by any employment contract to which the BUAG’s severance pay provisions apply, and if they are not receiving an interim supplement paid to unemployed construction workers prior to retirement pursuant to § 13l BUAG during this period.

This claim may only be asserted immediately if the employee is drawing their pension.

The claim is directed to BUAK.

Special cases (see § 13a BUAG)

  • Departure after live birth
  • Departure after adopting a child
  • Employment contract ends due to death of the employee

If you would like to submit your application for severance pay in writing, we would ask you to submit the completed application for severance pay to your state or regional office.

Please attach a copy of your official photo ID.

If you are submitting for severance pay because you are going into retirement, please include the copy of your retirement pay notice. A copy of your official photo ID is required in this case as well.


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