Reporting of construction contracts by public contracting authorities

As of April 2017, public contracting authorities are able to voluntarily report data to the construction site database as a means of supporting inspections by BUAK, federal tax authorities, and health insurance institutions, in particular in fulfilling their duties pursuant to the Anti-Wage and Social Dumping Act [Lohn- und Sozialdumping-Bekämpfungsgesetz] (LSD-BG).

Option for ongoing documentation of a construction contract
Pursuant to § 31 a (1) line 2 BUAG, public contracting authorities can document information on the contractor (name, address,authorisation(s) or business purpose):

  • the amount of the contract,
  • the subject of the contract,
  • the place of execution,
  • the date when execution is expected to start and the expected period during which the construction contract will be executed,
  • and the deployment of subcontractors

on an ongoing basis.

The following data should be recorded for the purpose of documenting subcontractors:

  • the contractor (name, address, authorisation(s) or business purpose of the subcontractor (actually) employed in executing the contract),
  • the amount of the contract,
  • a brief description of the subject of the contract,
  • the place of execution,
  • the date when execution is expected to start and the expected duration of execution for the relevant part of the contract

In addition, an identifying number for the contract can also be recorded.

Confirmation of construction site inspection results

Confirmation of construction site inspection results by BUAK is intended to help public contracting authorities ensure compliance with legal requirements in the course of project execution.
The information provided by BUAK pursuant to § 31a (2) BUAG includes:

  • Time and location of the construction site inspection and name of the BUAK inspector
  • Name and address of the company being inspected, observed work, observed time to perform the work, observed client for the work, observed contract amount and observed subcontracting
  • Name, date of birth and activities of the employees encountered, period in which activities were performed at the construction site, and specific work time at the construction site
  • Observed suspected underpayment

Login data for construction site reporting by public contracting authorities

Please contact it@buak.at so we can send you a user ID to log in to our eBUAK portal (https://sp.buak.at/de/login/).

Web service for connections with existing contract management software

To make it easier for public contracting authorities to report contract data, a web service is available through which your data can be submitted automatically.
A description of this web service will be provided on our home page in the near future. Feel free to contact us at it@buak.at with any questions on the subject.



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